Bloom´s back in Fashion?

Are blooms coming back into fabric fashion?
by Alison Coplen

Spring is definitely on the way, the plants are showing signs of life and the almond trees are in full bloom around the countryside, I love this time of year and how pretty it starts to look; but are we really bringing blooms back into the decor of the home?

The designer’s say we are, and signs are showing in my new fabric books!

I am not holding my breath yet that this will totally take off. Fabric designers throw something into the mix every year to shake things up. We have had the monochrome phase which still lingers but can be tricky to work with. Black is not popular as a holiday home colour choice. The colour “pop” phase, with ultra trendy fabrics using colour block geometry or spots is sort of fading – for me anyway. So, will the blooms now prevalent in the books catch on?

I still have a soft spot for the Olde English chintz look. Laura Ashley was at her height when I had my first home to furnish and it lent itself especially to children’s rooms. Used with some restraint, grown up bedrooms looked stylish and cosy. Shabby chic has been the later style with a more elegant edge due to it being subtle instead of too ‘matchy ‘which can be over-kill, it will work with certain style homes and furniture.

Here are a few of my preferences within my range, I have a few ideas of how these can be used within client homes but I think I will still play safe and use as an accent or one bold piece. Fabric fashion is fickle too.

fabrics by Romo and Casamance


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