Practical Fabric´s


Where interior design is concerned I think it is all well and good to be observing the new trends in co lour, minimalist style and how impressive the overall look may be to visitors or a potential buyer. But I do believe in comfort and feeling at ease at home, some of the examples I see of trends do not always invoke the feel of being able to put my feet up with mug of tea, or wine, by my side, and getting cosy for some time in relaxation.

When I am with a client discussing what they are looking for, they usually have had experience with redecorating their home but appreciate guidance. Children may have flown the nest but there will be visitors with young ones or grandchildren and there could be pets to take into account! The home should be a place to be lived in with the family at ease around the furnishings.

How do we reach that happy medium of being designer stylish, inviting and also family friendly?

One area that I have seen impressive improvements is in the upholstery fabrics now available. Beautiful quality in many different designs as well as plain, complimentary textures and including all colour ranges with varying price tags to suit all pockets and best of all, with the ability to be cleaned easily. That is a key selling point for me when choosing from collections that I want to present to people.

If the furniture looks like new regardless of lifestyle then the main focal point of the room will keep up appearances.

Here are a few fabrics that I have chosen from my companies:


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