Wide selection of EccoWin products includes PVC, wooden, aluminum and steel doors and windows as well

From the beginning of its existence, EccoWin has successively broaden its assortment. Implementing the latest solutions and technologies, we are ahead of the market expectations.

The EccoWin product line includes:
– PVC, wooden, aluminum and wooden-aluminium windows
– PVC, aluminum, wooden and steel doors
– aluminium constructions
– glass courtains

Our top quality products have many assets and come up to the current expectations of the customers concerning the security, high thermal insulation, protection against a noise and also  aesthetics of realization.

Our offer contains a wide range of colours and accessories.

All EccoWin products and made in accordance with the European Norms and labeled with the prestigious CE sign.

We guarantee the top quality products and services with the proper level of quality and price.

Our offer contains a wide range of colours and accessories. All EccoWin products are made in accordance with the European Norms and labeled with the prestigious CE sign.

Thermal insulation

With increasing environmental awareness, more emphasis is now being placed on ways to save energy in any building, domestic or commercial. In recent years, new regulations have been introduced specifying minimum requirements for energy efficiency. Glass can play an important role in this. Heat loss is normally measured by the thermal transmittance or U value, usually expressed in W/m2K. In its most basic terms, the lower the U value, the greater the thermal insulation. Insulating Glass Units incorporating low emissivity glass can significantly improve the Thermal Insulation values. Pilkington offers two types of Low-E glass, and both offer a number of common benefits:

·   Reduced heat loss to save energy and maintain a comfortable environment at lower thermostat settings
·   Reduced cold spots and downdraughts near windows, improving both comfort and usable floor space
·   Increased inner glass surface temperatures, reducing internal condensation as ordinary Insulating Glass Units, no
specific sealant necessary
·   Reduced capital and running costs of heating and air conditioning systems

Pilkington Insulight(TM) Therm Pilkington K Glass(TM) Pilkington K Glass(TM) OW Pilkington Optifloat(TM)

Noise Control

Pilkington Optiphon (TM) is the ideal choice of glass for sound control in situations where there is excess noise from roads, rail, air traffic and other sources. Using a PVB (polyvinyl butyral) specific interlayer, Pilkington Optiphon (TM) is a high quality acoustic laminated glass that offers excellent noise reduction. Pilkington Optilam(TM) is produced by combining two or more sheets of glass with PVB interlayers, and it is this lamination that enables it to offer impact protection and safety. By varying the number of layers and thickness of the glass, it can offer wide-ranging benefits and be used in various applications.

Float® Laminado Pilkington Insulight(TM) Phon Pilkington Optiphon

Decorative Glass

The Pilkington range of decorative glass turns it from a basic construction material into a means of adding style and elegance. By incorporating decorative glass, you can add privacy and meet any requirements, aesthetic or practical.
·   Superb visual appeal to create a striking interior look
·   Combines excellent obscuration with high light transmission
·   Diffusion takes light further into a room than ordinary glass
·   Smooth durable surface
·   Can be readily processed including toughening and brilliant cutting
·   More consistent finish than sand-blasted glass
·   Equivalent look to premium acid-etched but with no need for hazardous chemicals

Pilkington Decorative Glass Pilkington Insulight(TM) Decor Pilkington Optimirror(TM) Range Pilkington Oriel CollectionPilkington Texture 4

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