Group Davies Bespoke Tables

Group Davies specializes in the production of Bespoke Table Tops. Our senior management team provides over 30 years of print and design experience .

Group Davies’s management team are committed to steady growth encouraging a continued level of customer service, whilst ever developing and tailoring the demands of our clients changing needs of the marketplace.

Because almost all of our work in undertaken in house we can help save on the production costs and offer our extensive professional advice to ensure the finished product is exactly what you the client is looking for.

Group Davies is a forward looking company with a sense of humour underpinned with a strict sense of traditional values, we are here to succeed.

The Product
One of the most interesting trends that could hit the food & drink industry’s furnishing is the practical use of tables – not just for holding things, but for communicating and advertising. It is something that has already been seen in certain parts of the café trade, and we at Group Davies, are now working on bringing it to the entire leisure sector. This is virtually an untouched area; we can create any logo, image or effect on specially treated wood, to any size. The design then becomes a solid surface. Nobody else offers anything like this to the leisure industry.
This has several interesting possibilities – typically, the private club owner for example could sell space on his Tabletops to his suppliers. At the moment, we are working for the brand-holders. They invest in the Tabletops and put them into pubs. It is as economical as any standard contract furniture Tabletops, and the lead time is four/six weeks from approval of artworks. Plus it can be put on any kind of base.
A typical promotional use is for the Lottery King game. “Lottery King” is a game owned by Sceptre Leisure the gaming and leisure company, which has fruit machines in something like 15,000 pubs. It’s a new game, played on a tear-back card, and it wanted to introduce it to the market – this is a prime example of creating a promotional job. Please check the Portfolio page to see the finished Lottery King Table Top.
The Table Tops are hard – wearing, and can be used indoors or outdoors, they’re resistant to hard wear and satisfy all Health and Safety issues. We have seen them used in direct sunlight for six months with no adverse effect, and further tests carried out at Blackpool Pleasure Beach confirmed they can stand up to the elements and are as pristine as they were when delivered fresh of the press 6 months prior.

Table Bases

“Group Davies Bespoke Table Tops have a huge range of quality Table bases to suit all your requirements. Our trading partners Eclipse Developments, have unlimited designs, shapes, finishes at extremely competitive prices.  Please ask us for more information should you require new Table Bases for your new Bespoke Table Tops.  Here is a small selection of the most popular Base’s, check back soon for additional designs.”



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