Stone Masonry

Stone Masonry by Toni Moreno

lezbul stopne masonry in mallorca from majorca magazineStone masonry is a trade that has been utilised by human kind since the 1st structures were created. It is a trade which has served in many functions including construction, worship and even art. 

With such a reliable source of conservation it is no wonder why so many individuals are choosing stone carving in art or especially building work.

The modern stonemason undergoes comprehensive training, both in the classroom and in the working environment. Hands-on skill is complimented by intimate knowledge of each stone type, its application and best uses, and how to work and fix each stone in place. The mason may be skilled and competent to carry out one or all of the various branches of stonemasonry. lezbul stopne masonry in mallorca from majorca magazineIn some areas the trend is towards specialization, in other areas towards adaptability.

Stonemasons use all types of natural stone igneous , metamorphic and sedimentary ; while some also use artificial stone as well.

Here in Majorca stone walls are seen around the roads and countryside, used as a means to prevent the soil being washed away in heavy rains, the hills of the west coast show the staggered effect used to help prevent the landslides around the farmed areas.

As a decorative effect it is still reproduced in villas, fincas and garden walls to keep tradition with the old style and custom.

Above are some examples of a traditional craftsmen in stone masonry working in Majorca, you can see Toni Moreno’s website


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