Domiziani’s history is the history of a company that, although faithful to its initial inspiration, it has managed proposing a vast range of products and services to its Customers. Nowadays Domiziani replies to all the requirements for indoor and outdoor furnishings, consumer and contract, with an absolutely unique quality, style and original product philosophy.

What distinguishes Domiziani’s products is the capacity to create a “dream” in any environment.

The “ever green” collection of Domiziani with new more proposals. Floral themes , geometric themes and traditional Italian patterns.

All the decors may be produced in all the different standard structures.

Magnificent combination of black and white and their nuances for decorations full of warmth, refinement and exclusivity.

All the decors may be produced in all the different standard structures.

Gazebo, bases, chairs and armchairs are made of forged iron, galvanized with zinc then powder coated. Our iron products can withstand low and high temperature variances for indoor and outdoor use.
Bases and gazebo can also be made, upon request, in stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316.

The assembling is very simple and requires very little time. All our gazebo are modular, they can be joined together to form a single structure. Packing is also very small allowing to ship all around the world.

A dream that becomes true, every time, thanks to the materials used, the shapes, the designs, the decors with which our products increase their value, but above all, thanks to the creative genius, experience and know-how they were developed.
The creative and handicraft nature of the company have not limited Domiziani in its own organization: seat in Deruta, Umbria, branches in Moscow, Montecarlo, USA; retailers in Italy and in the whole world, fast and efficient deliveries everywhere in the world.

A dream “Made in Italy” dedicated to the whole world.

The process of realization of an hand-painted table top is divided into several stages. All the manufacture takes place in our laboratories and the result is a product with features of a unique beauty.
A volcanic stone table keeps its characteristics at temperatures ranging from + 1000°C to -50°C. We have chosen this stone because it guarantees resistance to salty air, and all adverse weather conditions.
It is shock-proof, acid-proof and it is less liable to scratching than marble or crystal. The handmade product may have features as small spots or irregular surface reflecting the natural origin of the stone.

Via dell’Industria – 06053 – Deruta – Perugia
Opening times SHOWROOM
from Monday to Sunday
from 9.00 am ’till 7.30 pm
+39 075 972006
+39 075 9710212
+39 075 972206


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