Volutes by Alice Riehl


A decade ago, after training in Sèvres, Alice, brought up on the memory of her ancestors’ needlework seized the lace material and immersed it into the promise of white of porcelain.

This is the beginning of a ballet which has constantly evolved since then, between strength and fragility, past and present, prints and pulses.

Everyone is free to construe the echo of a different symbolic. Alice never forces a sense on angle or exploit her Art.

Guided by an elegant intuition, Alice naturally lets her hands dance until the entrance of the kiln. There, Fire becomes the only master. The firing takes over the work. And finally, Time decides whether the meeting / recognition happens or not, between the artist and the piece of work.

From her Parisian studio, Alice offers to her clients, collectors, home designers, galleries, from Europe, Asia, Middle-East and North America, the adventure of custom-made unique pieces, from on commission sculptures to wider mural art, organizing space and scene, with no other limit than a shared sensitive connection to this new material, filled with promises.


For any inquiry, please call +33 (0) 6 09 43 08 51

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