Lea Bassani Design Inc.

Lea Bassani is currently President of Lea Bassani Design Inc. Lea studied interior design and decoration in Milan, Italy where she lived up until …a decade ago before she moved to New York. Her unique style and her huge imagination led her to create different homes all of which are stunning. Lea’s firm is an Authorized Dealer of Versace Ceramic Design, a collection of porcelain tiles for bathroom and floors that offers a variety of styles all of which are unique and beyond comparison. Lea Bassani Design creates extraordinary detailed spaces with a professional touch. The company has the experience , the knowledge and the ability to help a client achieve the glamorous and elegant atmosphere of the “Versace look” within the space of their own homes, by using the Versace Ceramics and other Versace home products, such as Versace Lighting Fixtures, Versace Architectural Moldings, Versace Furniture, Versace Fabrics, and Versace Linens.

  36 West 47th Street
 New York, NY 10036
(516) 773-3434

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