Lapis srl

LAPIS srl  is specialized in the Design, Supply and Installation of customized natural semiprecious-stones, marbles, granites, travertines, onyxes, limestones, sandstones and slates for classic and modern structural architectural finishing as well as for decorative and artistic objects for luxury residences, public buildings, super-yachts and aircrafts.

The major projects commissioned by LAPIS srl, so far, could be summarized as:

 103     private   luxury residences and  palaces for    distinctive  clients  in  22 countries (overall surface over 100.000 sq.m                       or 119.600 sq.yd) including the Sultanate of Brunei as well as several in the Middle-East and Europe

 23      prestigious public buildings,  embassies, hotels, offices,  conference centers, showrooms and auditoria in 14 countriess —–(overall surface over 100.000 sqm or 119.600 sq.yd) including the  United  States  of  America  Embassy in Cairo, Egypt –Egypt and the Arabian Gulf Council Conference Centre at the Intercontinental Hotel in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

   8     restoration  and   preservation  projects  in  4  countries  including  the  Kremlin in Moscow, Russia

 31     private luxurious super-yachts, of which 11 over 50m (overall length over 1.200m or 3.900 ft) including the S/Y

Dubai, which is the largest private super-yacht ever built (160 m or 525 ft),  S/Y Lady Moura (105m or 345ft), S/Y

Cedar Sea II (64m or 209ft), S/Y Sea Jewel II (52m or 171ft), S/Y Mosaique (50m or 164ft)

 2      private aircrafts

 647      indoor and outdoor loose stone decorative and/or artistic lithic objects

26      consultations  for  the  discovery  and  the  environmentally-sound  exploitation of commercially valuable ornamental

stones in  9 countries located in East Africa and South America

Detailed list of commissioned projects is available on request. 

Lapis srl

           Via San Giorgio, 6                       56010 Lugnano (PI) ITALY

Tel  +39 (0) 50 98 22 26              

 Fax +39 (0) 50 98 22 19              


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