Yacht Interior Design

Design is a gift, and those who can unleash it effectively are worthy of praise…

Hosted by leading interior design magazine design et al, The International Yacht & Aviation Awards reward the best in design from across the globe.

Yacht Award Winner 2013 for Yacht Interior Design went to

Submitted by: H2 Yacht Design

 Yacht Interior Design


Submitted by: H2 Yacht Design
Overall length: 72.6m

Completion yard: Proteksan Turquoise
Naval architect: Proteksan Turquoise & HydroTec
Exterior stylist: H2 Yacht Design
Interior design: H2 Yacht Design

Designer’s statement:

“For the interior the client initially wanted to develop a traditional, European style interior with plenty of colour and finishes to give a rich, vibrant look. However, with time this changed to a much more controlled, muted, classy, timeless look achieved with the mix of some traditional carpentry and modern furniture.

“The owners’ requirements were for a multifunctioning yacht with a definite wow factor combined with total dedication to him and his guests comfort and facilities. The layout was worked on first and it’s fair to say the final arrangement is pretty unique for a 70m yacht. The guest cabins on main deck are not new, but the huge spa area on lower deck
is, as well as the full width amidships owners’ suite behind the bridge. The double height atrium on the main salon is also pretty unique in this size of yacht.

“First impressions are always important. For me, I think this interior has a certain wow factor without shouting too much – yet importantly, it reveals more and more detail to the guests as they spend time on board and absorb the surprisingly eclectic and detailed interior. The first impression is of a relaxed, comfortable, residential feeling interior with plenty of light. This is the result of an interesting mix of fairly classic wall treatments and
carpentry details combining with some contemporary European furniture. Please also note the variety of style throughout the interior. The owner wanted us to vary the style according to the spaces rather than repeating the same style throughout.

“What makes this yacht unique is her general arrangement. She has three distinct features. At the heart of the yacht is the full width owners’ suite behind the bridge with its fixed balconies port and starboard. This gives a stunning vista as well as total privacy. Its location required careful planning for crew access however. The style of the owners’
suite is rich and quite classic with walnut and leather paneling, but the furniture is modern and eclectic. The bathroom is an explosion of back lit blue and white onyx.

“The second feature is the double height main salon or atrium. This was a feature the client had requested from the very beginning and though you lose some floor area above, the overall feeling of height and space is simply unique in a yacht of this size. The quality of light in the main salon is very comforting, with indirect light coming from above as well as from the full height windows on main deck.

“The third unique feature on a yacht this size has to be the spa area on the lower deck. On the sister ship Talisman C this area housed four good sized guest cabins, so to give this over to a spa was a brave and challenging feature. The style is unashamedly Asian, with teak and limestone giving a warm and tranquil area.

“In summing up, I think this yacht has many surprises up its sleeve that need time to absorb and appreciate. She feels much bigger inside with facilities you will not find on any other 70m. The style is not too challenging but is inviting and comfortable in its ambiance.”

– Words by Jonny Horsfield, Owner and Design Director at H2 Yachts



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